The ponds near the campsite

Pond Fauna and Flora

The two ponds of the camping Blois, of 800 and 1,000 m² respectively, are home to an astonishing biodiversity of flora and fauna. Salicare, reeds and willows have colonised the banks, while dragonflies of all colours and a kingfisher fly over the water, and frogs, water hens and mallards roam the surface in all directions;

In order not to disturb the occupants of the cottages situated on the edge of a pond and the floating cabin situated on the other, only a part is accessible, from the gate situated just next to the entrance of the heated swimming pool of the campsite.

In July and August there are workshops on the fauna and flora of the ponds for the youngest ones. Learning how to observe, how to be silent, sharing knowledge, are a good way to enjoy this quiet and natural place.

For the safety of your children the tower of the ponds is entirely fenced but they remain under your responsibility.

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camping fishing blois

Pond Fishing

To the delight of the fishermen, mirror carp and love carp, roach, bleak, perch and even a pike-perch are found in the shallow waters of the two ponds.

For the carps, you should provide an adapted equipment and a line, because they are very heavy. The best moment of the day is the end of the afternoon, when they come up from the bottom to catch the gnats flying over the water. You can regularly see and hear them jumping over the water and fall back into a big splash. You will also sometimes be able to see love carps sucking algae on the surface.

The occupants of the 4 cottages on the edge of the pond and the floating hut can fish directly from their terrace, or from the bank next to it.

For the occupants of the other accommodations, a delimited space, with a pontoon, is reserved for them on the larger of the two ponds, on the pool side (access from a gate located on the right just before the entrance to the swimming pool).

A campsite close to nature and water
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