Campsite near Beauval Zoo

The Lodges of Blois-Chambord, located 45 minutes from the Zoo-parc will be the ideal pied-à-terre to visit the Zoo de Beauval and the castles of the Loire.

Plan the whole day, leaving early from the Lodges, to make the most of this exceptional park, recognized as one of the 10 most beautiful in the world.

Presentation of the Beauval Zoopark

The ZooParc de Beauval covers 40 hectares and is home to 800 species of animals, some of which are very rare or even unique in France, such as the giant pandas that have made it famous or the Tasmanian devils that have made it so famous.

One of the ZooParc’s raisons d’être is indeed to welcome animal species threatened with extinction.

It is also a place to raise awareness of the need to preserve and often restore the biodiversity of the different ecosystems of our planet. Beyond this educational role, the ZooParc is involved in the conservation of animal species thanks to its brand new veterinary clinic. The outcome of this approach is the reintroduction of animals in their original natural environment.

Discover the novelty of the Beauval Zoo :discover the novelty of the Beauval Zoo : the immense equatorial dome and its tropical animals. Expect an unforgettable experience, discovering the rich equatorial fauna and flora : more than two hours of visit, in the heart of Beauval, in the reconstituted equatorial forest, surrounded by ponds and aquariums that will allow you to observe an amazing fauna !

campsite near zoo beauval
beauval elephant zoo
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Activities at Beauval Zoo

Several shows and animations are proposed to you every day, from April to November.

  • Show “The masters of the air” : For this show located in a vast green theatre, more than 500 birds fly above your heads, in an amphitheatre of 3 000 seats.
    Owls, cranes, pelicans, owls, storks, ibis, macaws, cockatoos, … join the birds of prey in a prodigious ballet: a great show !
  • Sea lion show : Sea lions show all their agility and speed in the water in this dynamic and colorful show that will enchant young and old alike, in the aquatic amphitheatre, with its diving slide.
  • Pedagogical animations: The scientific animators of Beauval Zoo meet visitors throughout the Park and throughout the day to present the particularities of the different species and to feed them. Your children will love it !
doe zoo beauval
lyon zoo beauval
beauval panda zoo

Information on the Beauval Zoo

The ZooParc de Beauval opens every day of the year at 9 h, including public holidays, and closes its entrance doors at 6:30 pm. The exit, is free and it is therefore possible to continue the visit after 18:30.

A full day of visit at least is necessary to make the complete visit of the ZooParc de Beauval and the equatorial dome. It is therefore preferable to arrive early in the morning to make the most of the animals.

Animations are organized from April 15th to November 11th.

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